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Download Standby Database Software for the Oracle Failover and Hiigh-Availability

Version 9 (All OS Platforms for Oracle 10g, 11g and 12c databases)

Evaluate the Standby Wizard for Oracle and create reliable standby databases or effortless database clones. Both the self-extracting .EXE and the .ZIP file client installations will support Unix, Linux and Windows-based Oracle databases.  Be sure to review chapters one and two of the User Manual after you have installed this client and are ready to begin the database installation on your Oracle server(s).


Trial Download for all Oracle 9i Through 12c Databases:

Standby Wizard for Oracle - Version 8.3 (Self-Extracting .EXE)         

Standby Wizard for Oracle - Version 8.3(.ZIP File)


Online Documentation and Training:

Visual Tour of the Standby Wizard

User Manual for Unix and Linux Servers

User Manual for Windows Servers


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